Copper River Wild Alaskan Salmon - the fishing season is about to begin!

The Copper Rivers Wild Alaskan Salmon's 2019 fishing season is about to begin meaning wild Alaska Copper River sockeye, coho & king salmon are returning to the river to make the arduous 300 mile journey up the icy glacial fed waters to spawn. It is no easy trip and the Copper River Salmon have built up the sufficient omega-3 fatty acids to fuel the journey and simultaneously creates the naturally rich salmon coveted by chefs and seafood lovers the world over.

Copper River is renowned for producing some of the world's finest Alaskan Salmon. It is born free, wild caught and naturally delicious.  Has a deep colour with a silken texture and rich in flavor. 

Copper River ensures sustainability throughout each season which only occurs once per year. The river is closely monitored for the amount of fish returning back up Copper River, and only after a certain number is reached will the authorities allow fishing for a set period of time. This ensures that the salmon populations will be healthy and can be sustained each year. 

The great thing about Copper River Wild Alaskan Salmon is we are able to trace the products all the way throughout the processing and have witnessed the cycle of cutting, packing and shipping and can attest to the high quality that occurs throughout the cycle. 

We are very lucky to be able to bring Copper River Wild Alaskan Salmon in to Hong Kong and we thank the fisherman,and processors, for working with us to bring this product to our customers. Be on the lookout in our e-mail's with more information about availability of fresh Wild Alaskan King, Sockeye and Coho salmon in the coming weeks.