My Mia's Skin Relief - Natural Organic relief for Eczema in Chidren

Eczema is a very real issue with so many of our children, and now even more so with adults. Geeta Powani , a mother and executive working mum decided enough was enough with her daughter Mia's chronic eczema condition, so she left her job and devoted herself to finding a remedy using pure natural and organic ingredients. And what a job she did...little Mia has been eczema free for more than 3 years...

We are very proud to be working with Geeta and to make her My Mia's products available to you all. 

Many studies suggest the eczema issue is getting worse and more chronic, possibly linking it to other conditions including allergies, and direct external factors, but many seem to agree it tends to be specific to the person. The condition is prominent globally with estimates suggesting it affects 15-30% of children and 2-10% of adults. This figure estimates the prevalence in developed countries. (

Geeta and her family live in Australia, she was a working executive mum and had three beautiful children with her husband, Deepak. The oldest daughter, Mia, had been facing severe eczema for most of her childhood and which included hospitalisation. Geeta decided she leave her job and help her daughter. 

Geeta’s approach was a mixture of treating the inside, tummy health & the immune system, and the outside, the skin, with pure natural organic ingredients. Seeing her daughter in hospital again, she decided to go back to basics. She looked at solving eczema without the use of steroids, antibiotics, or other prescription drugs. Instead the approach needed to be gentle, calming, and would restore Mia’s health from the inside out.

Geeta ensured Mia’s diet was looking after the gut bacteria and support for the immune system. The next step was to develop an organic natural skin treatment in the form of bath salts, and gentle soothing creams to treat and prevent the skin breakouts. The treatments were modified with each stage of Mia’s recovery back to normal health.

Basic steps used in Mia’s recovery:

  1. Cleans & Purify - Bath salts – made using Himalayan and Dead Sea salts, neem, calendula, paw paw, arnica and chamomile – they cleanse and detoxify the skin, prevent skin infection and sooth and calm the skin.
  2. Restore & Regenerate –
    1. Moderate Relief Cream for dry and itchy skin - a rich moisturizing cream with added coconut, jojoba, avocado, neem, turmeric, vitamin e, rosehip oil and shea butter,
    2. Intense Relief Cream – with added centella, tea tree oil, calendula, St John’s Wort and chamomile to calm red, irritated and broken skin-typical eczema symptoms,
  3. Repair & Barrier Cream – used Daily and with Intense Relief Cream – a deeply hydrating moisturizing cream containing organic coconut, sweet almond, rosehip, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, ceramide and cholesterol. Replenishing and locking in the skins moisture.

Today Mia continues her recover daily routine and remains virtually free of any sign of eczema.

MyMia’s launched in the last few weeks on and is starting to fill up with beautiful testimonials of people finding relief from eczema.