Fresh Homemade Kale pesto

Pesto is such a yummy thing to have available in the kitchen and amazing so healthy!  It can liven up any dish almost and the quicker we can get the little ones loving it the better.. 

Our organic farmers have some beautiful fresh organic kale in season at the moment so lets knock up fresh pesto and enjoy all the goodness and love home cooked food...and this recipe will entice the hardest "I am not eating kale' fella to be converted immediately...

Also try and leave some kale leaves to turn into Kale chips - the young ones will get so carried away with the crackle and crunch factor that they will not even realise they are scoffing down veggies...simple lay flat in the oven with a little olive oil brushed in top until crispy... 

For the organic pesto try and make as much as makes sense for a few weeks worth – store in the fridge or trade out with friends in return for banana bread, or homebake cookies.. If you have some help in the kitchen this is still simple enough to follow for everyone and come home to a delicious yummy surprise siting in the fridge...

Ingredients – to make about 2 of the glass jars in the picture.

200g of organic fresh kale leaves – cut the stalks out as they contain some bitterness towards the stalk at bottom

½ cup of pine nuts and cashew nuts (or adjust for your favourites)

5 cloves of organic garlic

240ml of organic olive oil

A couple of pinches of Himalayan Pink Salt – try and use the pure salt, many pink salt products on the shelves have additives. The pink salt is high in natural minerals, not just sodium chloride.


Cut and separate the kale from the stalk, rinse and let sit for a few minutes in boiling water (softens the kale), then drain and soak in cold water for a few minutes.

Add all products to your blender and blend until super fine.

Poor into glass containers and seal the best way you can and store in coldest part of the fridge.

Super easy and quick and now ready to be added to your favourite dishes…