We have to start our first newsletter with Thank You

So far the response to our farmers and baker products has been overwhelming and humbling… 

Our weekly fresh shipment of biodynamic organic fruits, vegetables and fresh bread is very exciting for us…As all the products are purely organic and seasonal, we will not know what we are looking at until we discuss with farmers early Monday morning. We have a quality check in Australia before loading the products onto a direct flight into Hong Kong and then add onto our website for you to be able to start ordering. Products arrive in Hong Kong on Tuesday and are retrieved by refrigerated vehicle back to our facility here in Hong Kong. We then perform another quality check to make sure everything has arrived OK. Any issues with arrival quality of the products means we may have to adjust/refund your orders made since Monday evening. We do apologise in advance, and generally there is nothing too much that we have to adjust.

This week is our BIGGEST yet,  we have more than 30 fresh biodynamic organic fruit and veggie products for you to consider. From more than 20 different organic farmers and one organic super baker who has made 19 different organic sourdough varieties (including ancient grains breads, rolls, and mini-rolls)… there's certainly plenty to choose from. We think they are amazing and just what is needed for the kids lunches.

The products are now available for ordering on www.growsfresh.com. You can order now for pickup late Tuesday from Ap Lei Chau (or pop in and have first fresh pick with 10% off), or for delivery to your home on Wednesday onwards..

One thing we are working to improve is the consistency of quality product delivery from our facility to your homes. We have had a few incidents this week of refunds and re-delivery for bruised or damaged product(s). We thank those customers for their patience. We know while refunds and re-delivery are OK you really just want your product to enjoy, so we are focused on every order getting to you in tip top condition.

Some key contact details you can get us on:

Enquiries during work hours: 2889 0396, or website chat or email: info@growsfresh.com

After hours (some delivery areas are up to 7pm at night): 6685 4067 Aaron/ 62834336 Kitty

Butcher Conrad Hotline: 5974 5365

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