Copper River - Wild Alaska - Sockeye Salmon - Portions - Frozen


Copper River Sockeye Salmon frozen portions, skin on, individually vacuum packed.

Sockeye has a stronger and more unique flavour than the King or Coho from Copper River. It is also a leaner fish, so lighter cooking than the other two.

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  • Copper River Wild Alaska Salmon is recognised as the Finest Salmon in the World, exclusive to growsFresh.
  • Copper River Salmon generally holds 30% more good fats than any other Wild Alaskan Salmon - the Salmon need the extra fats, including Omega 3's, for the incredible journey they make each year back up the Copper River to spawning grounds surrounded by ancient glaciers in Alaska.
  • This product is graded A1 - the finest grade for Alaskan Salmon.
  • The golden salmon logo authenticates this product as being from Copper River. The Alaska Seafood logo authenticates it is from Alaska.
  • growsFresh sources this product directly from the Copper River Seafoods fishermen out of Cordova Alaska, where we have visited and can verify the the quality with which the fishermen treat the fish - only the finest grade is made available. 
  • Unlike farmed salmon the deep rich red orange colour comes from the diet they eat, almost entirely on plankton in the wild.
  • Sockeye are the most abundant salmon harvested from the Copper River season from May to August. Averaging about 6 pounds each and boasting a deep red color, full flavor and texture.


  • Key Features
✔ Wild Caught
✔ Natural
✔ Sustainable
✔ Quality
✔ Alaskan

Nutritional Profile for a 7 ounce serving of Copper River sockeye:

Calories: 440
Protein: 54g
Fat: 22g
Sat. Fat: 4g
Sodium: 130mg
Cholesterol: 170mg
Omega-3: 2,400mg