Weekly Family Organic Vegetable Box - 13 items - Approx 5.7kg

Weight (grams): 5.8kg

A fresh box of certified organic vegetables from small Australian farming families.


The vegetable box for this week is expected to include:

  Weekly Family Organic Vegetable Box - 13 items & approx 6kg  
1 Organic Cucumber x 1 (approx 0.5kg)
2 Organic Cherry Tomatoes x 1 Punnet (approx 0.25kg)
3 Organic Baby Spinach x 2 Bunches (approx 0.24kg)
4 Organic Herbs: Coriander x 1 Bunch (approx 0.2kg)
5 Organic Super Greens x 1 Bunches ( approx 0.24kg)
6 Organic Herbs: Parsley x 1 Bunch ( approx 0.2kg)
7 Organic Carrots x 4 (approx 0.5kg)
8 Organic Zucchini (approx 0.5kg)
9 Organic Kale Bunch (approx 0.4kg)
10 Organic Spring Onions x 1 Bunch (approx 0.4kg)
11 Organic Broccoli x 1 Bunch (approx 0.32kg)
12 Organic Tomatoes (approx 0.5kg)
13 Organic Potatoes (approx 1kg)

In the possibility we do have any issues with the quality of produce on arrival we will replace with higher weights of other items in the box up to three items. 

Products are from individual farming families, for more information and organic certifications please view on individual product pages.




Storage recommendation: As our organic fruit and vegetables are natural and not treated with any preserving agent, we recommend that that they are kept in the fridge or cool temperatures to slow down any ripening if not being eaten once received.