Organic Sweet Corn - Australian


Fresh Certified Organic whole Sweet Corn and still in the Husk.

Portion size: Per ear of corn approximately 230g each 

Fresh ProduceChilled            

The Bauer family farm uses organic and biodynamic principles and enjoy producing yummy, healthy food for all of their customers.  The Bauer's have farmed the land at Mt Sylvia in Queensland Australia for over 130 years now and have fed many thousands of customers with quality organic produce. 

Farmers: Rob & Jude Bauer

Storing your corn:

Store your sweet corn in it's husk in the refrigerator. Ideally it should be cooled immediately after harvest and consumed within a few days. The best corn is simply the freshest corn, so don't try to store it for long periods of time. The sugars turn to starch and you lose that real sweet corn flavour.

For more information on the Bauer Farm please visit their website:

Australian Certified Organic: Certificate:  12063