Organic Lettuce - Cos (Romaine) - Whole Piece - Australian


Certified Organic COS Lettuce - fresh, succulent crisp and crunchy.

Portion: Various sizes available.


Farmers: The Croft family on the family run and owned Aruha Farms, Victoria, Australia.

Typical uses, the COS lettuce is great for salads, you can chop or simply rip the leaves apart and add the rest of your salad ingredients. 

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FOOD FOR LIVING, NUTRITION FOR LIFE became the cornerstone of ARAHURA FARMS attitude and thinking. The decision to produce Organic food was easy.

Arahura Farms has now grown to be one of Australia's largest Organic Producers, supplying all major markets with all year round supply of both Organic Carrots and Beetroots, with Onions, Cos Lettuce and Cabbages grown seasonally.

Currently Arahura Farms, now farms 220 acres of arable land in Nyah West Victoria and from a humble beginning, now employs upwards of 65 permanent and casual staff.

Arahura Farms is committed to BRINGING FLAVOUR TO THE TABLE through 100% Certified Organic Produce using 100% sustainable, world's best farming practices.

Storage: Lettuces need to be completely dry so they don't rot, but stored in a humid environment so they don't wilt. If you have a fridge with advanced temperature controls, set the crisper drawer to maximum humidity and dry your lettuce with paper towel before storing it. If not, invest in a lettuce box, dry your lettuce, and store it in the bottom of the fridge.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate no. 3210