Copper River - Wild Alaska - Salmon Mince - Frozen


Wild Alaska Salmon mince is made from fresh salmon mince we have sourced directly from Copper River fishermen. Wild Salmon is considered some of the most nutritious food on the planet, and includes those wonderful omega 3/6 fats.

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  • Copper River Salmon is considered the finest salmon in the world.
  • Keta Salmon is used in this mince and is generally considered a species premium to what is considered based grade 'pink' salmon used for mince.
  • Keta is a light pink in colour and most versatile of the Wild Alaskan salmon varieties
  • A mild taste which may appeal to the little ones more when starting on wild salmon.
  • Copper River Salmon has shown to have 30% more good omega (3/6 ratio) fats than other Wild Alaska fish.
  • Ideal for introductory foods for little ones, salmon patties, fish balls.
  • Key Features
✔ Wild Caught
✔ Natural
✔ Sustainable
✔ Quality
✔ Alaskan


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