King Island Beef Tenderloin (Eye Fillet) - Whole

This is a whole cut, also called ' a primal', in the original processor vacuum packed bag. We can slice it for you untrimmed at no extra cost.
Buying in whole is the most economical way to purchase.
  • Original vacuum packed with chilled fridge shelf life - 14 days
  • Approx whole weight - 1.8-2.6kg, or
  • Sliced And vacuum packed with chilled fridge shelf life - 5 days
  • Average slices (1 inch thick) - 9 differing sizes as the tenderloin does taper down along the cut.

  • Prices are based per kilo.
    Please input quantity to the nearest required weight. E.g. 4 for 4kg
    Exact price based on actual weight will be revised on final invoice
    BeefChilled                    King Island Beef
    ✔ Free Range
    ✔ Sustainable
    ✔ Grass Fed
    ✔ No Antibiotics
    ✔ No Hormones (HGP's)
    ✔ Farm Assured
    ✔ 3rd Party Audited
    ✔ No GMO's
    ✔ Untrimmed

    True Aussie Beef  Halal