Organic Ginger - Ground Powder - Australia


High grade premium organic ginger ground into a powder. Convenient and easy to to added to your family meals. Portion size 25g per pack.

Fresh Produce       Demeter Bio-dynamic     NASAA


Ginger is an ancient food long linked to health benefits when consumed as a whole food.  It is high in gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Being bio-dynamic, it is consider premium organic product, naturally free from any checicals (herbicides and pesticides etc) but also the ginger has been produced using the highest grade soil nutrients which transfers to full natural flavour and health benefits. The Demeter logo also ensure the farming practices are fully sustainable.

Farmer: Warrakin Valley Farm, Silkwood, Queensland, Australia


Bio-Dynamics is an enhanced organic farming method using soil and plant enlivening natural preparations, producing clean food free of all chemicals inputs and GMO's. 

The Australian Demeter Bio-dynamic farming method has being adopted all over the world as the number one Bio-dynamic farming method.

Australian Certified Organic: The Bio-Dyamic Research Institute, Australia (Demeter)