Bubs - CapriLac - Goat Milk Powder - Australian

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Pure natural Goat Milk Powder from farmers in Gippsland Australia.

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Premium quality full cream goat’s milk powder. A healthy and easy to digest alternative to cow’s milk, suitable for those with intolerance, creamy and rich texture.

Portion sizes: 1kg Pouch, 800g Can, or 400g Can. Or for a 5% discounted pice you are able to purchase each in a full box, 1kg x 7, 800g x 6, 400g x 12.


CapriLac uses milk from our home area of Gippsland in south east Victoria. Gippsland is one of the largest dairy producing regions in Australia and is known for its lush green pastures. It is home to many high quality cheese, dairy meat and wine producers. We bring the milk to our specialist dairy factory in Keysborough, to be transformed into the variety of products we make today.