Paris Creek Farms - Unsalted Butter - Fresh Pure Grass Fed - Bio-dynamic Organic - Australian

Weight (grams): 200g

Pure organic grass fed butter from Paris Creek Farms in the Adelaide Hills in Australia 200g portions.



The butter is considered the most premium pure cream grass fed organic butter in Australia, and arguably the world.

You will notice the difference in everything you use this for, including cooking, cakes, and cookies...silky smooth.

Do you crave butter? We don’t blame you. Our Bio-dynamic Unsalted butter is smooth and sensuous… simply a delightful experience. It’s made with the non-homogenised pure cream from certified bio-dynamic organic milk and created in the simplest way with all the goodness; free from genetic modification, salt, colours and flavours. How could you resist this? Just try it for yourself on a piece of baguette.

Ingredients: 100% organic pure grass fed cream.

For a real treat use this butter to create your own garlic butter for use in cooking or add to your favourite steak after grilling.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No.: 514P

Available in 200g.

 Package Size (g)  200  
 Servings  10  
 Energy (kJ)  3230  646
 Protein (g)  1.5  0.4
 Fat (g) total  86.4  17.2
 > Saturated (g)  58.7  11.8
 Carbohydrate (g)  <2  <0.4
> Sugar (g)  <0.3  0.0
 Sodium (mg)  4.7  1.0