Butter - Fresh Unsalted - Free Range Grass Fed Biodynamic Organic

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B.-d. Farm Paris Creek - Biodynamic - Organic Dairy Products - Butter- 200 gram.        

The butter is considered the most premium pure cream grass fed organic butter in Australia, there is only limited amounts available - we will try and have it stocked all year round but it is in such high demand we cannot guarantee, apologies.

Its arriving fresh. If you choose to freeze it it will last an additional 6 months.

This butter is made from 100% biodynamic organic milk cream - pure organic grass fed free range cows roam the hills outside of Adelaide in Paris Creek Australia.

The farmers, Ulli and Helmut Spranz are recognised to be one of the finest dairy operations in all of Asia Pacific. Ulli Sprantz has previously won Asia Business Women of the Year.

"Our point of difference starts in the soil, and continues in the seed production, herd management, and processing says Ulli Spranz, who owns the company alongside her husband Helmut. There's nothing artificial in our land, our animals, or our product. No fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and GMO's on the land, and no antibiotics or hormones on the animals."

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek unsalted Butter is handmade from fresh non-homogenised, pure cream. Nothing else is added, no water, no salt, no cultures or colours. Additives support preservation of butter to lengthen the shelf life, but they also interfere with the natural goodness of butter. Butter is a completely natural food essential for your health, especially if organic.

Ingredients: 100% organic pure grass fed cream.

For a real treat use this butter to create your own garlic butter for use in cooking or add to your favourite steak after grilling.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No.: 514P

Available in 200g.

 Package Size (g)  200  
 Servings  10  
 Energy (kJ)  3230  646
 Protein (g)  1.5  0.4
 Fat (g) total  86.4  17.2
 > Saturated (g)  58.7  11.8
 Carbohydrate (g)  <2  <0.4
> Sugar (g)  <0.3  0.0
 Sodium (mg)  4.7  1.0