Carwari - Japanese BBQ Sauce - Organic - Australian


Japanese Style Thick Barbecue Sauce - Certified Organic in Australia. 

Carwari range of authentic Japanese recipes for food are premium grade and now Certified Organic in its manufacturing plant in Australia.

A mild sauce with a semi-thick consistency and a hint of spiciness. Made from a variety of organic vegetables, fruits and Japanese Kombu seaweed (kelp) for extra Umami flavour. 

Use with freshly BBQ meats, fish and vegetables. A rich sauce with distinct flavour that is in between a traditional Western BBQ sauce and a Worcestershire sauce, except no sweetness, thick and Umami..

Japanese Kombu seaweed is used instead of yeast extract in typical sauces.

Portion size: 250ml Glass Bottle


  • Gluten-free (No wheat is used)
  • It is made by the authentic production method
  • Slowly processed to create richness of Umami
  • Mellow flavour of soy beans with a pleasant scent

Carwari aims to produce healthy and reliable products to support you in having a healthier and better life. They strive to continuously introduce alternative gourmet food products to people's lives with our wide range of products made from selected ingredients.


Ingredients: Organic Vegetables and Fruits, Organic Vinegars, Organic Molasses, Organic Sugar, Salt, Organic Corn Starch, Spices, Organic Soy Sauce, Kelp