Carwari - Japanese Tamari Soy Sauce - Organic - Australian


Japanese Tamari Soy Sauce - Certified Organic in Australia. (Wheat Free Soy Sauce) - for that rich Umami taste.

Carwari range of authentic Japanese recipes for food are premium grade and now Certified Organic in its manufacturing plant in Australia. This Tamari is made using a 100 year old recipe and only the finest certified organic ingredients.
Portion size: 250ml Glass Bottle

  • Gluten-free (No wheat is used)
  • It is made by the authentic production method
  • Slowly processed to create richness of Umami
  • Mellow flavour of soy beans with a pleasant scent

Carwari aims to produce healthy and reliable products to support you in having a healthier and better life. They strive to continuously introduce alternative gourmet food products to people's lives with our wide range of products made from selected ingredients.


Organic Whole Soybeans, Water, Salt, Organic Rice Shochu (Distilled beverage)

Gluten Free