Cherry Tree Organics Beef Hangar Steak 1KG Bulk Buy

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1KG Bulk Buy - approx 2 - 3 Pieces per pack

Organic BeefChilled            Cherry Tree Organics

  • Cherry Tree Organics beef is MSA Graded
    • Certified USDA Organic
    • NASAA Organic Certified
  • Hangar (also known as Skirt) is taken from the plate, which is the lower belly of the animal. It is most prized for its flavour and often marinated and cooked over high heat to avoid toughness.
  • Key Features
✔ Free Range
✔ Sustainable
✔ Grass Fed
✔ No Antibiotics
✔ No Hormones (HGP's)
✔ Farm Assured
✔ 3rd Party Audited
✔ No GMO's
✔ Premium trimmed

True Aussie Beef NASAA Halal Demeter Bio-dynamic