Cherry Tree - Organic Ham - Smoked - Half Leg - Bone-In - Australian


Certified Australian Certified Organic Half Bone-In Leg Ham - Nitrate free

The finest quality leg ham available from our friends at Cherry Tree Organics.

We will only have a few available this year unfortunately, please let us know your preferred delivery date in December once you have placed your order. Please email

PorkChilled       Cherry Tree Organics

  • This leg ham is super soft moist and mild in flavour.
  • The only pure certified organic ham available in Australia and Hong Kong.
  • Cherry Tree Organics Ham is: - 
    • Certified USDA Organic
    • NASAA Organic Certified
    • Nitrate Free 
  • Key Features
✔ Free Range
✔ Sustainable
✔ Grass Fed
✔ No Antibiotics
✔ No Hormones (HGP's)
✔ Farm Assured
✔ 3rd Party Audited
✔ No GMO's
✔ Gluten Free
  • Freshly vacuum packed with chilled fridge shelf life - 5 days
  • Varied Individual Sizes

Ingredients List
Certified organic pork, water, salt, celery extract & brown sugar