Colloidal Silver - Allan Suttons - Australia


Colloidial Silver is pure silver flakes suspended in Spring water.

It has long been considered a natural antibiotic.

It is used for treatment of colds, flu or other bacterial infections, viruses, and fungi.

16-20 ppm mg/L

500ml size Amber Glass Bottle

1000ml size Family Size PET Bottle

99.98% fine silver suspended in purified living spring water

Micro-ionic - minimum pH8.5

Ingredients: Filtered purified water, water ions (16

Free from chemicals stablisers and addtives

Do not refrigerate

Keep in dark place away from electro magnetic fields.


Colloidal Silver can be take orally and it can be sprayed or applied topically. When using Colloidal Silver, drink AT LEAST 1 litre of water daily to aid the flushing processs.


To maintain good health and assist in preventing viral and bacterial infections

Adultis: 15-20ml daily Children under twelve: 5-10mls daily

To treat illness and infection

Adultis: 25-30mls hourly Children under twelve: 10-15mls hourly

At all times, colloidal silver doses are best held under the tongue for 30-60seconds before swallowing.