Copper River Alaskan Keta Whole Fillet Skin On - Frozen


Alaskan SeafoodFrozen                                         Copper River

  • Copper River Seafoods is a seasonal catch direct from Alaskan fishers
  • Keta is available fresh June through September and frozen year-round. On average, they weigh 8 pounds and measure 25 to 27 inches in length. It’s firm, pink flesh and mild flavour also makes it a great choice for grilling or roasting. Lower cooking temperatures are recommended because of its low oil content.
  • Key Features
✔ Wild Caught
✔ Natural
✔ Sustainable
✔ Quality
✔ Alaskan
✔ Omega-3 fatty acids
✔ Selenium and phosphorous
✔ Potassium