Copper River - Wild Alaska - Sockeye Salmon - Fresh Sides - Pre-order

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New season pre-ordering is now available for expected delivery of fish in mid June 2018.

The Finest Salmon in the World - Copper River Sockeye Salmon - Fresh whole sides. Also called whole fillets. Skin on.


Copper River Sockeye are know for the deep red colour, and stronger flavour of wild fish. 

The sides will range between approx 600 grams and 900 grams each.

This pure wild salmon is from Copper River in Alaska and available for a limited period each year based on tracking the number of fish entering the Copper River. Strict sustainable fishing practices are in place to ensure we are to enjoy this amazing salmon for years to come.

Also known as Red Salmon, sockeye is robust and rich in flavour with a firm texture that makes it versatile for any cooking method. Copper River Sockeye is famous for its natural deep red flesh colour.


Nutrition per 7 oz serving

Calories: 440

Fat: 22g

Protein: 54g

Omega 3: 2400mg