Copper River - Wild Alaska - Sockeye Salmon - Kids Steaks - Frozen - 300g

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Alaskan SeafoodFrozen                Copper River SeafoodsCopper River

  • Copper River Seafoods is a seasonal catch direct from Alaskan fishers
  • Sockeye are the most abundant salmon harvested from the Copper River season from May to August. Averaging about 6 pounds each and boasting a deep red color, full flavor and texture.
  • Key Features
✔ Wild Caught
✔ Natural
✔ Sustainable
✔ Quality
✔ Alaskan

Nutritional Profile for a 7 ounce serving of Copper River sockeye:

Calories: 440
Protein: 54g
Fat: 22g
Sat. Fat: 4g
Sodium: 130mg
Cholesterol: 170mg
Omega-3: 2,400mg

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