Elgin Organic Spring Harvest - Peas/Corn/Carrot - Vegetable - Frozen - 600g

Weight (grams): 600g

Frozen Certified Organic - Spring Harvest (Corn, Peas, Carrot) - 600g per pack.

Fresh ProduceFrozen    Elgin Organic
  • Elgin Organic® (Australian Certified Organic) is a family owned Australian operation to take a certain part of crops and freeze down.
  • Snap frozen fresh produce has been shown to retain more than 95% of its nutrient profile, and ofcourse still no harmful pesticides, herbicides our other additives. 
  • Frozen vegetables are a quick and convenient way to ensure you have some healthy goodness on hand. Grab a handful of organic vegetables and have them cooking or boiling in a pot or pan in minutes.
  • Key Features
✔ Pure Vegetables
✔ 100% Organic Vegetables
✔ Frozen Fresh
  • Keep frozen and grab what you need and defrost on a shallow tray in the fridge overnight. 
  • Do not refreeze once thawed - the quality of the fruit/veggies will deteriorate in texture.


Australian Certified Organic. Certificate no.:10817

Australian Certified Organic