Weekly Family Organic Fruit Box - 6 items - Approx. 5kg

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Weekly fresh Certified Organic Fruit Box filled with seasonal Australian fruit.


This weeks box includes:

  Weekly Family Organic Fruit Box - 6 Items - Approx 4.5kg 
1 Organic Red Apples x 8  (approx 1kg)
2 Organic Banana's x 5 (approx 1kg)
3 Organic Kiwi Fruit x 4 (approx 0.5kg)
4 Organic Oranges x 4 (approx 1kg)
5 Organic Pears (approx 0.5kg)
6 Organic Grapes - Red Seedless (approx 1kg)

Australian Certified Organic products only included.

If we have any issues with fruit quality after the flight up we'll change up to two items before reaching out to see if we can replace anything. Normally 99% of the time the box will be fine, just in case we have any damage.