Family Weekly Fresh - Meat, Fruit, & Vegetables Box - Australian - 20 items - over 11kg

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A family weekly box of fresh proteins, & certified organic fruits & vegetable staples. The most economical way to fill your kitchen with great food for the week.



All products are from Australian farmers direct. All organic products are certified Organic from Australian accreditations.

  Weekly Winter Family Fresh Box - 20 items - approx 12.3kg
1 Organic Oranges x 4 (approx 1kg)
2 Organic Apples x 4 (approx 0.5kg )
3 Organic Grapes - Red x 2  (approx 1kg)
4 Organic Avocado x 2 (approx 0.5kg)
5 Organic Baby Spinach (approx 0.24kg)
6 Organic Tomatoes x 4 (approx 0.5kg)
7 Organic Spring Onions x  1 Bunch (approx 0.2kg)
8 Organic Carrots x 4 (approx 0.5kg)
9 Organic Herbs Coriander x 1 Bunch (approx 0.3kg)
10 Organic Kale x 1 Bunch (approx 0.5kg)
11 Organic Broccoli x 1 Bunch (approx 0.32kg)
12 Organic Zucchini x 3 (approx 0.5kg)
13 Organic Potatoes (approx 1kg)
14 Organic Garlic x 2 cloves (approx 130g)
15 Free Range Chicken - Fresh Chicken Breast Strips (0.5kg)
16 Cherry Tree Organic Fresh Beef Premium Mince (0.5kg)
17 King Island Beef Sausages - Plain (1kg)
18 King Island Beef Fresh Rib Eye Steaks (4 x 0.2kg) 
19 Bangalow Pork Rib Eye Steaks (2 x 0.2kg)
20 Spelt Sliced Wholemeal Bread - Organic Sourdough (0.76kg)

If we do unfortunately have quality issues with up to three products from travelling to Hong Kong we will replace damaged items with more of other items. 

Chicken is sourced fresh directly by us from the farmer however will be replaced by a frozen alternative if fresh chicken is unavailable at time of order.