Weekly Family Organic Fruit and Veggie Box - 13 Items - Approx 7.6kg

Type: Wrapped in paper bags


A combination box of fresh seasonal organic and biodynamic organic fruit and vegetables. Flown in direct from Australian farmers each week.

The make up each week changes with the seasons and weather each week to ensure only the freshest and most nutritional product is available.

This week's weekly box:

    Weekly Family Organic Fruit & Veggie Box - 13 items - approx 7.6kg
1   Organic Passionfruit x 2 (approx 0.2kg)
2   Organic Oranges x 4 (approx 1kg)
3   Organic Apples Red x 4 (approx 0.5kg )
4   Organic Mandarins x 4  (approx 0.5kg)
5   Organic Avocado x 1 (approx 0.2kg)
6   Organic Baby Spinach (approx 0.24kg)
7   Organic Carrots x 4 (approx 0.5kg)
8   Organic Leek x 1 Stem (approx 0.25kg)
9   Organic Tomatoes x 4 (approx 0.5kg)
10   Organic Beetroot x 2 ( approx 0.5kg)
11   Organic Cucumber x 2 (approx 0.5kg)
12   Organic Corn x 1 (approx 0.3kg)
13   Organic Pumpkin x 1 (between 0.8kg to 1kg)

All items are Australian Certified Organic. 

If we do unfortunately have quality issues with up to three products from travelling to Hong Kong we will replace damaged items with larger portions of other items. 

Storage recommendation: Please store your wonderful organic items as would normal fruit and veggies. being in Hong Kong with generally higher levels of humidity please try and find a cooler airy space for any items not placed in the fridge.