Greek Yoghurt - Natural - Biodynamic Organic

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Greek Yoghurt - Natural - made using the finest biodynamic organic ingredients from Bd Farms Paris Creek. Each tub is 500ml in size.



B.-d.Farm Paris Creek's Greek Style Yogurt is real Greek Yogurt, thick and creamy with the typical slight acidity.

No artificial flavours, No artificial thickeners, Live A. B, C. cultures.

Bd Farms Paris call the Greek Yoghurt range the 'Indulgent' range.

We have spent time with Ulli on her farm and in the dairy and cheese making facility - amazingly beautiful farming country and animals. It is a great sign when you can see plenty of fish swimming in the stream that runs through the farm.

Ulli has previously been named Asia Business Woman of the Year for her work developing her dairy farm products.



Certified biodynamic-organic fat reduced milk, organic skim milk powder, pectin, cultures.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No.: 514P

 Package Size (g)  500  
 Servings per  2.5  
 Energy (kJ)  280  560
 Protein (g)  5.6  11.2
 Fat (g) total  1.7  3.4
 > Saturated (g)  1.3  2.6
 Carbohydrate (g)  7  14
> Sugar (g)  5.1  10.2
 Sodium (mg)  63  126