growsFresh Esky

$149.00 $129.39

A fold up growsfresh esky with five freezer packs.  It can be left outside your door for at least 5 hours (longer with more freezer packs) without worrying about chilled deliveries.

All of our deliveries are made within all of the Hong Kong chilled delivery regulations, all by refrigerated/freezer vehicles, but we wanted to go further and remove any stresses you may have on delivery times. This growsfresh made foldup esky box is able to hold our chilled and frozen delivery boxes.

Fold away and store easily when not needed.

The esky may also come in handy if doing picnics or travelling to store chilled items. 

Fully foldable and flat packed when not needed but can expand to full capacity:

Length - 46cm
Width - 39cm
Height - 47cm

Designed to fit a large and medium Grows Fresh box inside along with five ice packs.

Set includes 5 re-useable ice-packs. These need to be soaked in water to hydrate then frozen in the freezer overnight before use. They can be defrosted and stored away or frozen and reused.

Place the frozen ice-packs inside the esky and leave it outside your door (away from direct sunlight). Be rest assured that your goods will keep for a few hours until you return.

We have tested this with the five ice packs for three hours and found minimal change in temperature.