Hazeldenes Free Range Chicken Breast Skinless

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  • This chilled fresh weekly Hazeldenes Chicken is Accredited Free Range - natural and farm fresh direct from Hazeldene's Farm in Victoria Australia
  • The chickens are processed at Hazeldene's farm and sent straight to the plane in Melbourne for us to receive the next day, packed and made available for you the next day. We manage the entire supply chain logistics to ensure product freshness and integrity. The chicken remains chilled in refrigerated transport and never frozen.
  • Hazeldenes Free Range chicken is air chilled - this is different to most other chicken farms, who chill the chicken using water chilling after processing that can use additives and may allow the chicen to absorb water during the chilling process.
  • Chilled Chicken breast are probably the most versatile and leanest cuts. They can be used for roasting, grilling, strips, and diced portions.
  • Storage conditions: chicken should always be stored in the fridge or freezer (0-4 degrees C). Any higher temperature than that means the shelf life will shorten dramatically. we recommend never let chicken reach room temperature before cooking and always cook the chicken thoroughly through - well done.
  • Key Features:
✔ Pioneered RSPCA Approved Poultry Farming
✔ Free Range Egg and Poultry Association (FREPA)
✔ Antibiotic Growth Promotant (AGP) Free
✔ ISO 9001:2008
✔ SQF 2000
✔ Prime Safe

FREPA   RSPCA Approved