Hazeldene's Free Range Chicken - Maryland - Boneless Skin On Whole Leg - Fresh - Australian

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Fresh Australian Free Range Chicken - Maryland - Boneless Skin on Whole Leg meat.

Portion: 500g = Two whole boneless legs per pack

These are beautiful soft and juicy, if you can crisp up the skin on cooking then even better, very delicious. 

Organic Chicken                            Chilled                              


Hazeldenes Chicken thighs are are received directly by growsFresh from the farm near Bendigo in Victoria Australia each week.

  • Hazeldenes chicken is premium free range 
  • Chicken thighs have a little more fat on then and generally softer to eat after cooking than the other choice cuts like breast. They are also ideal for stir fries or the bbq as diced, or strips.
  • Thigh is the portion of the leg from the drumstick to body.

Key Features:

  • 100% Antibiotic Free
  • Raised on vegetarian diet
  • Accredited by Australia’s RSPCA – a central group that assures the welfare of animals
  • No Added Hormones or Steroids
  • Air Chilled

What does is 100% Antibiotic free mean?

The birds have not received any kind of antibiotic at any time in their life. It is very common for antibiotics to be used across meat industries in Australia. Hazeldene’s Free Range chicken have no antibiotic growth promotants, no prophylactic antibiotics, no therapeutic antibiotics and no antibiotics of any kind ever.

Why is this important? Antibiotics are essential for human health, the more we are exposed to them, the less effective they are when we really need them. Taking all kinds of antibiotics out of food is the right thing to do.

Raised on vegetarian diet

Hazeldene’s Free Range chicken are raised on wholesome, vegetarian diet, consisting of grains, vegetables, seeds and legumes. They are never fed any animal by-products at all. Removing meat from feed ensures the birds never consumes resonant antibiotics from other animals, but also ensures the birds are consuming more plant based proteins. Plant based proteins contain unsaturated fats, rather than saturated. The has a great effect on the chicken meat quality, and you will find Hazeldene’s Free Range chicken breast is far more tender than any other brand.

FREPA   RSPCA Approved