Mock Red Hill - Biodynamic Organic Apple Cider - Classic (7.8%) - Australian

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This craft cider, from the same farmer who sends us our Apples each week, is made from 100% premium quality Certified Biodynamic Organic apples. Fermented and blended with sweet apple juice, lightly carbonated and bottled.

Mock Red Hill’s beloved Classic Cider is lightly carbonated and crafted from the juice of Pink Lady and Golden Delicious apples. This cider is creamy, and resembles a toffee like character, “like a mouthful of fresh pink lady apples”. Well balanced and harmonic with a particular fruity-taste. The perfect balance between tradition and originality. Not too sweet and not too dry.

Mock Red Hill is a Demeter certified Bio-dynamic apple orchard and processing facility at Red Hill in the heartland of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

In 1985 the Mock Family planted their first orchard just outside Melbourne. The apple orchard was first certified bio-dynamic organic in 1974.

This apple cider contains only certified bio-dynamic (enhanced organic) apples.