My Mia's - Skin Relief - Eczema Relief Kit - Australian


My Mia's complete one-stop natural eczema recovery kit!

Everything you need to manage eczema symptoms: cleanse your impurities, calm the redness and deeply hydrate and protect the skin.

Made in Australia, sourcing the finest natural & organic ingredients.

My Mia's 3-step skincare range is lovingly formulated to cleanse, repair and deeply hydrate skin and clear eczema symptoms.

My Mia's Organic Eczema Relief Kit contains:

   - Eczema Relief Bath Salts x 1 (500ml)

   - Level I Eczema Relief x 1 (100ml)

   - Level II Eczema Relief x 1 (50ml)

   - Skin Repair & Barrier Cream x 1 (100ml)    


Step 1: Cleanse and Purify

Use Eczema Relief Bath SaltA natural detoxifying bath soak containing over 100 natural salt minerals and organic calendula, turmeric, neem, paw-paw, st john’s wort and chamomile to gently cleanse your skin from any impurities.

Step 2: Repaid and Regenerate the Skin Health

Use Eczema Relief Level IA certified organic antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cream containing organic turmeric, neem, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea nut butter, arnica, paw-paw, chamomile and calendula used in the repair of an eczema flare up or chronic dry skin.

Australian Certified Organic: Certificate no.: 10621

Use Eczema Relief Level IIA natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cream containing natural and toxic free tea tree oil, calendula, centella, chamomile and st john’s wort to eliminate red, itchy skin during an eczema flare up.

Step 3: Hydrate and Protect the Skin

Skin Repair & Barrier Cream - A replenishing and deeply hydrating cream containing ceramide, cholesterol and organic jojoba oil, apricot oil, sweet almond oil, shea nut butter, rosehip oil and coconut oil. Apply to affected areas or areas where flare ups may occur.

When used 1-2 times a day, the skin is left rejuvenated with effective skin barrier protection.

According to the World Health Organization, eczema sufferers are missing key ceremide from their skin barrier.

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