Norwegino - Hard Cheese - Biodynamic Organic


Norwegino Hard Cheese made using the finest biodynamic organic milk from Bd Farms Paris Creek. Each portion 200g.



We have agreed with the farmers, Ulli and Helmut, to introduce the premium BD Farms Paris Creek product range into Hong Kong at a special price - please enjoy.

With its creamy yellow colour, this semi-hard cheese is very tasty. When young, it has a very creamy texture that could become dryer when aging. With its round unevenly distributed big, glossy eyes it resembles Emmental Cheese and has similarities to the Norwegian Jarlsberg cheese.

But this unique Norwegino is much smoother on the palate. Sweet dried fruit will suit Norwegino, try it with dried Muscat grapes or dates, apricots are also a great option.

This cheese loves a robust but smooth fruity white, but some prefer a light red wine.

Like all other products from Bd Farm Paris Creek this cheese is excellent, and being biodynamic organic it is pure natural through the entire food chain. Pure organic grass fed animals which roam the farm completey free range as nature intended.


Fresh in-conversion biodynamic organic milk, salt, cultures, non-animal rennet.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No.: 514P

 Package Size (g)  200g  
 Servings per pack  8  
 Energy (kJ)  1550  388
 Protein (g)  25.8  6.5
 Fat (g) total  29.2  7.3
 > Saturated  18.9  4.7
 Carbohydrate (g)  2  0.5
> Sugar  <1  <0.3
 Sodium (mg)  530  133