Organic Free Range Eggs - Ruby Hills - Australian

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Ruby Hills pure Free Range Certified Organic Eggs - farm fresh from Australia

Pack: 1 dozen fresh eggs (approx 70g each egg).


We are very lucky to be able to offer these amazing eggs, the farmers have a long waiting list for these 'golden eggs', fully pasture raised hens are guarded by Merimma dogs that live with the flock and protect them. The hens are then able to relax and enjoy eat bugs, worms, and seeds, producing simply beautfiul and nutritious organic eggs.

Farmers: Amy & Nicholas Paul - South Gippsland - Walkerville

The Pauls and their four children run a certified organic, “pasture-rotated” 34ha commercial egg farm, near the South Gippsland coastal town of Walkerville, with 4000 chooks, and a flock of 120 Wiltipoll ewes.

Stocking density on their farm follows the national organic standard of 1500 hens a hectare, with electric netting used to contain their roaming, while Maremma guardian dogs protect them from raptor and fox attack.

ORGANICS, Amy said, came as a personal, health choice: “choosing to feed our bodies with the cleanest, most ethical food is one of the most simple, easiest ways to ensure best health”.

Amy has now become an unofficial advocate for organics, adding that it is achievable for large, commercial farmers.

 Australian Certified Organic: NASAA Accredited