Organic Honey - Australian


Fresh Produce                    

Organic honey is produced in unpolluted rural areas, away from orchards, flowering agricultural crops and other potential contaminants. 

No chemicals are used on the bees or used to assist in production. 

Low processing temperatures help preserve honey's natural enzymes and health giving properties.

This honey is more runny than our Raw Organic Honey, however, it will crystallise over time. Gentle warming of the jar will return the honey to its runny state.

It is beautfiul on just about anything, we are hearing parents even putting in on the kids ice cream rather then sugary toppings. 

The honey will go to candy state with a colder temperature and then clarify in warmer temperature. That is how you know it is pure...

If you love your honey on bread then we can sincerely suggest, some our of seven grain organic sour dough rolls, some pure grass fed butter and dollups of this amazing honey.. enjoy.


Australian NASAA Certified Organic. certificate No. 3411P