Organic Free Range Turkey - Kids Steaks - Frozen - 100g - Australian



  • Convenient kids size steaks made here in Hong Kong from fresh organic Turkeys breast.
  • Kids steaks ready for a quick defrost, then in the pan to cook, and either serve whole, or cut into strips, or diced for the little ones to enjoy.
  • enviroganic farm is generally recognised as the finest organic Turkey farms in Australia. Angus and Sonya Dowling have been farming organically since June 1999
  • Key Features
✔ Hormone Free
✔ Growth Promotants Banned
✔ Antibiotics Banned
✔ Other Drugs Banned
✔ Wholesome Turkey Feed
✔ Australian Certified Organic (ACO) AS6000
✔ Chemical Fertilizer/Pesticides/Herbicides Banned
✔ Genetic Modifications Banned

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