Organic Macadamia Nuts - Dry Roasted and Salted - Australian

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Organic Dry Roasted and Salted macadamia nuts - 200 gram packs - Australia


Macadamia nuts are native to Australia and these are the highest grade - biodynamic organic. Full of good fats and high nutrients content.

Farmer: David Flinter, Hand 'N' Hoe Organics, Mid North Coast NSW

The property is surrounded by pristine rainforest the property has two untouched spring-fed rivers running through the middle of it, profuse with yabbies, frogs and fish. Most of its 600 acres is natural rainforest, and about 40 acres is taken up with macadamia trees. A variety of fruit trees are also spread throughout the property. Closer to the house is a healthy vegie garden and free-range chickens, which help sustain David and his family, while their energy comes from a very sophisticated solar power and energy storage system.

Permaculture and sustainable organic farming is David’s passion as he integrates his home, garden and trees to create a lifestyle that has a negative impact on the environment.

David Flinter started Hand’n’Hoe in 1997. He bought the property years before, when he was only 19 years old. His vision at that time was to create a sustainable lifestyle through permaculture and sustainable farming, and he spent 2 years living in a tent clearing pockets of land and felling selected trees by himself. David built his first dwelling where his children were born, and then the house where he lives today, using only very basic tools and the wood from his farm.

Since the early days, David’s vision became clearer and more focused as community became a large part of his work. He is passionate about building people’s awareness about clean food and where it comes from; he works with people from the local community on his farm and they support him and his sustainable farming practices. David supports Farmers Markets and he and travels long distances to make his certified organic macadamia products easily available and accessible to everyone.

 Australian Organic Certified.