Organic Parsnip - Australian

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Approximate weight - 200g per brown paper bag

Similar but sweeter than carrots...

Fresh ProduceChilled          Parsnips resemble carrots and can be used in similar ways, but they have a sweeter taste, especially when cooked. They can be baked, boiled, pureed, roasted, fried, or steamed. When used in stews, soups, and casseroles, they give a rich flavor. ... Parsnips can also be fried or thinly sliced and made into crisps.

Farmer: Busch Organics Farm

Busch Organics is a family run Australian Certified Organic farm on the Mitchell River Flats at Hillside, 13km west of Bairnsdale. Their produce includes a variety of seasonal vegetables and lucerne. At Busch Organics we believe in sustainable farming practices and offering the highest level of quality.

For generations Busch Organics have considered their soil to be the lifeblood of a successful farming operation. Situated on the rich river flats in East Gippsland, the soil is highly regarded as some of the best in the country. Plant health begins with soil carrying microbes and bacteria alike. Every opportunity is taken to improve soil structure, which sees green manure crops grown to be returned to the medium loam soil every autumn. By returning important nutrients to the soil we replace those which were removed during the growing season. Worms are always a good indication of soil health, and a stroll down the paddock with a shovel will unearth an abundance of life beneath.

Australian Certified Organic. Certificate No.828A

Storage recommendation: As our organic fruit and vegetables are natural and not treated with any preserving agent, we recommend that that they are kept in the fridge or cool temperatures to slow down any ripening if not being eaten once received.