Organic Puree Pack 2 - Fruit & Vegetable


Adding some additional vegetables to the pack.

All certified organic direct fresh from Australian farmers.


If looking to add any meat proteins to your puree's please consider our Kids page for 100g packs of organic chicken & beef, and wild Alaskan salmon. Typically blend in with the vegetable puree.

We recognise that the cost of the pack to be delivered removes the benefit of the pack, can we suggest if some Mum's/Dad's are in playdate groups they can designate a single delivery point and we can deliver multiple packs. Or if you are looking to do a trip out with the little ones we can offer a 10% discount on the pack on pickup.

Little Tackers 2 - Puree Pack - Fruit & Veggie - Certified Organic Australia
Pear x 1 
Apple x 1
Banana x 1
Carrot x 1 
Avocado x 1
Butternut Squash - Approx 100g (slice)
Sweet Potato - approx 200g (slice)
Zucchini x 1