Organic Soup - Fresh - Chick Pea & Leek Soup - Australian

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Freshly made by hand certified organic Chick Pea & Leek Soup.

Australian grown organic chickpeas, especially selected for their high quality and buttery creamy flavour, slow cooked with citrus, rosemary and garlic till the chickpeas are just tender.

Portion size: 500g

 Fresh Produce  Chilled    NASAA   

How fresh is it? Certified Organic Chick Peas, selected for buttery and creamy flavour, picked fresh from the Shepherd Family at Mullinger Park farm. Fresh lemon and orange juice is added and simmered with rosemary and garlic for 2 hours until the Chickpeas are just tender. All organic, and cooking by hand. 

This is pure fresh organic soup, it needs to be kept in the fridge or at approximately 4 degrees C at all times. 

Kitchen: The Whole Food Kitchen, Australia.

Australian Certified Organic: NASAA

Ingredients: chickpeas, leek, potato, spices, olive oil, garlic, tamari