Organic - Virgin Coconut Oil


Organic - Virgin Coconut Oil (100%)


The coconuts are sourced from Coconut trees in Papua New Guinea which are then processed in Australia and certified organic in Australia (through the entire supply chain). Local PNG cultural traditions are followed and small landholdings based on this produce this premium coconut oil.

The coconut oil contains 63g/100g Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

The virgin coconut oil is packaged in clean kilner jars - reuseable. The only way to minimise impurities into the product packaging.

Niugini Organics raw 100% organic virgin coconut oil is extracted without the application of heat at any stage thereby ensuring the retention of the original levels of tocopherol antioxidants (Vitamin E), the weapon of choice against free radicals.  Niugini Organics coconut oil contributes to a sustainable balance between productive independent farmers and thriving wild ecosystems.

Producer: Niugini Organics (100% Papua New Guinea owned and operated company). Souricng coconuts from pristine rain forest and wild harvested.

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Niugini Organics is certified as an Organic Producer and Processor by the Organic Food Chain. OFC is one of only 6 organisations in Australia appointed by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources certify compliance with the Australian Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce.