Organic Beef & Herb Sausage - Frozen

Size: 500g

A freshly made beef sausage using Cherry Tree Organic beef, herbs. All certified organic ingredients, made here in Hong Kong. 

No preservatives, artificial colourings, additives, or GMO's.

Available in 500g packs. Frozen.

The sausage meat being used is pure high rainfall grass fed certified organic beef from he farmers Shane and Ann Blundy at Cherry Tree Organics Beef.


No bread crumbs or any other fillers added to these delightful sausages.

As it should be, this will taste very similar to fresh premium Cherry Tree Beef Mince with a hint of herbs with sweet curry. 

Please cook the sausages low and slow in the pan or on the BBQ.

✔ Free Range
✔ Sustainable
✔ Grass Fed
✔ No Antibiotics
✔ No Hormones (HGP's)
✔ No GMO's
✔ Gluten Free
  • Freshly wrapped in bio-degradable brown paper, please transfer to a reusable container for storage
  • Chilled fridge shelf life - 5 days
  • Approx 6 sausages
Ingredients: All Australian Certified Organic  %
Mixed herbs (Coriander, Mint, Thyme, Chickpea Flour) 1.22%
Sweet Curry Powder 0.50%
Himalayan Pink Salt 0.50%
Paprika 0.50%
Pepper 0.50%
Organic Cherry Tree Beef - Fresh 83.30%
Water 13.48%