Robbins Island - Wagyu Beef - MB9+ Tenderloin/Eye Fillet - Steak - Frozen - Australian

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Australian raised Full Blood Japanese Wagyu MB9+ from Tasmania's Robbins Island.

Tenderloin/ Eye Fillet Steaks - the ultimate beef eating experience - premium trimmed and ready for the grill, pan, or BBQ.

Australia's highest marbling grade. An exceptional eating experience and clean pure beef taste. Very high marbling hitting a hot grill produces a caramalised super soft beef experience.

Some of Australia's finest Japanese Wagyu beef raised in the pristine environment of Robbins island Tasmania.

Beef   Frozen                     

Robbins Island Wagyu is some the worlds finest pure blood Wagyu, what makes it even more special is its free from Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, and no GMO's.

The cattle are fed on natural Tasmanian pasture for at least 18 months before now moving to 450-550 days of finishing on special feed ration, including grain, grass fodder and kelp seaweed extract from nearby King Island.

Fourth generation cattle farmers John, Keith and Chauncey Hammond have been breeding full blood Wagyu on Robbins Island since the early 1990's.  They have isolated a pure blood Wagyu herd on the Island and developed it out within the most pristine & natural environment for the animals. Producing what is considered some of the finest Wagyu beef available in the world. It is underpinned by Meat Standards Australia (MLA's) meat grading system which means you receive consistent quality every time.

Robbins Island Wagyu is produced from Tullblood Wagyu genetics, considered some of the highest grade genetics for the purebred Wagyu breed.

Robbins Island is situated on the North Western tip of Tasmania also enjoys the Worlds Cleanest Air (CSIRO measured daily). The prized cattle are grazed naturally and sustainably on lush pastures without supplements or hormones.

Throughout the year, bands of local horsemen swim the cattle through saltwater channels at low tide to move them peacefully between grazing areas.

The cool climate, salt air, and pristine environment are ideal for naturally raising some of the most tender and best tasting beef in the world.

  • Key Features
✔ Free Range
✔ Sustainable
✔ No Antibiotics
✔ No Hormones (HGP's)
✔ No Genetically Modified Organisms
✔ Premium trimmed
    • Storage: frozen approximately -18 degrees celsius
    • Useful life: approximately 5 days after thawing from the freezer, defrost in the fidge overnight prior to cooking.
    • Chosen weight is for one piece of steak which will be individually packed

     Source: Australia, Robbins Island Tasmania.

    Coordinates - 40.693°S 144.918°E