Voodoo - Bacon - Diced - Dry Aged - Nitrate Free - Frozen - Australian


Voodoo Diced Bacon is a pure hand crafted pork bacon made using old Mississippi applewood smoked methods. Also from is made using all pure natural ingredients, dry aged, and no nitrates used in the process. 

Diced bacon is very versatile, add to casseroles, stews, for a smokey, salty seasoning. Or gently fry and offer to the little ones, or add to your favourite pasta, or as a topping on homemade pizza.


Diced Bacon - Frozen - 250g packs

Chef George Francisco, operating out of Noosa Heads Australia, hand makes each small batch using his own Louisiana USA natural rubs.

The bacon has a seductive smokey flavour, and much less salty than traditional bacon and no nitrates are used.

George grew up in Mississippi, deep in the US South. The South is the home of bacon love. He has always made his own bacon as a chef from an early age. After reaching Executive Chef level in one of the US's top restaurants, in 2001 he fell in love with the Australian food scene and move out.

He still couldn't find his bacon love, so he started making his own Southern style dry cured, smoked bacon.

Some people have always said there is some 'voodoo' in George's bacon, how can pork taste so good.

Voodoo Bacon does not have any type of nitrate or nitrite, making a healthier bacon. The bacon is smoked the old fashioned way using Apple Wood. Current methods of bacon making use smoking flavoured bastes and adds moisture to the meat. Voodoo's method dry cures, which removes weight from the pork product, tenderises and concentrates the natural flavours into the bacon.

All ingredients are sourced from Queensland in Australia. Every slab of Voodoo Bacon is lovingly rubbed with salt, sugar and spices by world-renowned multi-award winning chef George Francisco.

Please don't hesitate to learn more about George and his Voodoo Bacon products on his website:  www.voodoobacon.com.au