Voodoo Soul Rubs - Carolina Pulled Pork Rub - Australian


Voodoo Soul Rubs are a high quality, no salt, pure natural organic ingredients to bring out the best in your favourite meat dishes. This premium Pork rub is one of the traditional ones used in the USA South for slow roasting or smoke until the meat is super moist and falling apart.

A flavourful mix of freshly ground paprika, brown sugar, cumin, chilli, black & cayenne peppers.

Now available in 200g or 1kg bags

George Francisco produces very high quality rubs, made using all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives. Previously an Executive Chef in the USA, George has now turned his hand to developing premium foods that he loved growing up in Southern USA.

Voodoo Soul Rubs are made using only natural ingredients, and unlike most commercial dry rubs, they include no salt.

Dry rubs are a mix of herbs and spices, the fresher the better, and they are rubbed into the meat before cooking. You cannot judge a rub raw but smelling is a more accurate indication. It tastes very very different after cooking. The juices of the meat mix with the herbs and spices, melt them, and they undergo chemical reactions catalyzed by the heat of the fire. A rub may taste too hot when raw, but keep in mind there will be a bite sized piece of food underneath it diluting it. 

This rub is an example of the traditional rubs used in the Carolinas, in 'pit style' barbeques. Rub this on pork neck, shoulder, butt or any large cut of pork and slow roast or smoke until it is moist and falling apart. Add a vinegary barbeque sauce and a soft bun and you have the perfect Southern style barbeque sandwich.


Preparation: Apply the rub 1-4 hours before cooking, the rub will mix with the meat fats and become a paste as it penetrates the meat. The rub can be mixed with oil to make a paste before applying to meat if preferred.

Cooking: use your favourite method, whether it be slow roast, or sous vide, or BBQ.

Servings: roughly 4 per pack.

After breaking the bag open it is best to keep the valuable rub in an airtight glass jar, or plastic container.