Voodoo Soul Rubs - Deeper Shade of Soul - Australian


The Deeper Shade of Soul is a delicious 'seasoning' or 'rub' that is added to your poultry roastings. It add some subtle zing and and feel good it's all natural, no salt in it, no additives or preservatives.

When smelling this rub you immediately recognise sweet lemon zest, oregano, garlic and faint pepper. Rub on your poultry approx 4 hours before cooking, and cook low and slow.

Consider for your next dinner party or gathering, sure to impress and have your guests going 'wow' how did you do that..?

Now available in 200g or 1kg bags


It's when lemon zest, oregano, white pepper, and garlic powder meet to create the most delicious combination of flavors for roast chicken. Carefully crafted by Voodoo Bacon, this is a winning combination that is sure to impress the eyes and tastebuds.

George Francisco produces very high quality rubs, made using all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives. Previously an Executive Chef in the USA, George has know turned his hand to developing premium foods that he loved growing up in Southern USA.

Also consider adding it to Chicken and Turkey minces, to make mild spicy taco's, burgers, and spaghetti bolognese recipes.

Preparation: Apply the rub 1-4 hours before cooking, the rub will mix with the meat fats and become a paste as it penetrates the meat. The rub can be mixed with oil to make a paste before applying to meat if preferred.

Cooking: use your favourite method, whether it be slow roast, or sous vide, or BBQ.

After breaking the bag open it is best to keep the valuable rub in an airtight glass jar, or plastic container.