Voodoo Soul Rubs - Fiery Ribs & Pork Chop Rub - Australian


Spice alert this one is Hot! Ideally added to pork ribs, chops, tenderloin and even pork belly before cooking on low temperature for a longer time. The 'rub' or 'seasoning' will mix with the meat and juices producing a big flavour and heat in a perfect combination.

A collection of Hungarian Paprika, Black pepper, chilli powder, mustard powder, cayenne pepper brings the perfect rub for that rack of ribs.

Now available in 200g or 1kg bags

Spice alert; this one is hot!

Rub on a rack of pork ribs, pork cutlets (chops), tenderloin or even pork belly before cooking. Let it sit for an hour and then chargrill or sear. Sit back, lick your lips and enjoy the layers of flavour and heat in the most perfect combination.

George Francisco produces very high quality rubs, made using all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives. Previously an Executive Chef in the USA, George has know turned his hand to developing premium foods that he loved growing up in Southern USA.

Includes black pepper, mustard powder, chilli powder, white pepper, & cayenne pepper. 

If you like spicey, also consider adding it to minces, to make mild spicy taco's, burgers, and spaghetti bolognese recipes.

Preparation: Apply the rub 1-4 hours before cooking, the rub will mix with the meat fats and become a paste as it penetrates the meat. The rub can be mixed with oil to make a paste before applying to meat if preferred.

Cooking: use your favourite method, whether it be slow roast, or sous vide, or BBQ.

After breaking the bag open it is best to keep the valuable rub in an airtight glass jar, or plastic container.