Top Mates

Top Mates

Way, way back (in 2005), down under in Australia, a company was created to bring the first ever “Top” quality food partner for BBQ and other great meals with friends. Before this, only those boring old sauces and tired old relishes, chutneys and artificial jellies existed. The company, Top Mates (branded as Spoonfed Foods in Australia), became a quick success in Australia. In fact, they were so successful that company after company tried to copy them. However, only Top Mates can claim… the original & the best!

It’s more than great sauces, this is meant to be a way of life… sharing good times with your best mates!

The Not So Secret Process… Why Top Mates ™ are Tops.

You won’t find large companies making a product like this as they don’t have the patience nor do they want to use a special artisian process like this. However, this special small batch, slow cooking method results in complex layering of flavors as they move across your palette. There is a beautiful balance of sweetness and savory with a smooth and refined aftertaste.

One of the main ways the flavor is infused is during the approximately four hour cooking process there is a significant reduction taking place… so liquids are reduced and intense flavors remain.

Then again, some people just eat them because they are GLUTEN FREE.

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