Some common questions asked by our customers:

Why do you label your fresh fruit and vegetables Certified Organic and not just Organic?

In Hong Kong there no rules or regulations around using the word 'Organic' in the label for any food products, and provides no assurance that the product are free from chemicals, pesticides, added hormones, or even preservatives to travel, and any other nasties. We use the Certified Organic title because it means the Governments in Australia, & New Zealand etc have actually reviewed the farms and products to ensure they are free of chemicals and contain no GMO's, and have issued growsFresh with a Health Certificate/ Organic Certificate to verify the fresh products are what they say they are. The Certified Organic label is more expensive due to the additional cost of verification, though we feel it is more important for our customers to know exactly where there food is coming from and it is free of chemicals and GMO's. 

Why is the price for frozen and chilled meat products roughly the same?

As we fly in all our meat chilled, we do not differentiate the prices between them as the quality of the product is just as fresh as we freeze down ourselves. We offer frozen versions of our products for the convenience of our customers who may not use all chilled products when first delivered. Please carefully take note of shelf life of chilled goods labelled on each product. We kindly recommend that your goods should be frozen down if not used within this period.

Do you sell fresh seafood?

We sell snap frozen seafood at the source. Fish have been caught and immediately frozen so the fish retains it's ultimate flavour profile. Research and analysis has shown that this snap freezing process does not alter, or diminish, the nutritional profile of the fish.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, see more details here for pick up options.

Can I specify a delivery time?

Deliveries page for further information on your delivery time based on your location. For queries, please contact us on +852 2889 0396

Can I specify a delivery date?

Please select your requested delivery date on our calendar picker during check out. 

Can I change my order?

For changes to your order once confirmed and paid via our website, please call us on +852 2889 0396 as soon as possible, email info@growsfresh.com or whatsapp +852 98180293. We will try our best to ensure the amendment can be made before your delivery is sent out. 

Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes, please contact us on +852 2889 0396 or info@growsfresh.com for latest product price list. Minimum order quantities and T&Cs apply

Do you accept cheques or cash payment?

Unfortunately we do not, we request payment is made Online to complete your Order. once payment is made our systems move your Order to our Production list to be fulfilled and scheduled for delivery date chosen.

Can the ice packs that come with my delivery be re-used?

Yes, these non-toxic ice packs can be reused at your leisure. Leave them in the freezer for when you need them or leave them to defrost and store until you need them. Please see ice pack itself for further information.


What is the shelf life of my product?

Please see the storage and expiry dates on each and every item you purchase from us.

How do I use the re-order functionality on my account?

Log in to your growsFresh account and click on 'Welcome (your name)' on the top right of the screen. You will see a history of all your past orders with us.

Your account - re-order function

To simply re-order the same items as a previous order, select 'One-click reorder' on the left hand menu and then click 'Add to cart' button on the right. 

If you are unsure from the images what past order you are looking at, you can click on the order numbers e.g. # 1026SH and see what was in that order before adding those items to your cart. Once added to your current cart, you can always amend your order quantities and remove any items you do not wish to re-order. Finally, proceed with check out as normal

Why do you only sell grass fed beef?

Simply, our farmers are some of the finest in Australia and arguably the planet. Grass fed beef has shown to carry a much healthier nutritional profile (including much higher Omega 3's and can be less harmful), and also is a much more sustainable way of farming. We actually think it taste better as well.

Frozen meats - how long have they been frozen for?

All of our frozen products have been frozen here at growsFresh, we do not buy in frozen products unless specifically mentioned in the product description. We like to receive our products fresh and chilled and then we can freeze them ourselves. That typically means most of our frozen products have been in the freezer for less than 6 weeks. For Poultry even less, normally less than 2 weeks.

Have another question for us? Give us a call on 2889 0396 or email info@growsfresh.com