Certified Organic Fresh Fruit and Vegetables


The Australian Government has authorised the following Organic Accreditation frameworks to provide Australia Certified Organic verification on Australian Products. The Australian Government sets minimum requirements, and high standards to enable products to be called 'Certified Organic' to ensure you are receiving the products you are paying for. Key requirements include no use of chemicals in the growing of fresh farmer products, including herbicides, pesticides, & no added hormones, growth promotants, or any other artificial additives or inclusions to prolong the life of fresh food for transport or shipping.  You will be able to taste the difference, and your body will thank you for providing real wholefoods without any contaminants.

Requirements to achieve Australian Certified Organic also include the ability of the farmers to produce organic food Sustainably.

With more than 90 farmers across Australia now supplying products we have access to the broadest range of fresh fruit and vegetables available. The provenance of our Certified Organic Food is assured by us applying for and receiving a Certified Organic Certificate for each Product and each farm we export from which arrives from a direct flight from Australia. This process is expensive and time consuming but we consider it critical to ensure you can trust our products, it is also a legal requirement by the Australian Government.