Organic Mango - Australian


Delicious Fresh New Season Organic Mangoes.

These are stunning this week, fresh, crisp and complex flavour. Picked ripe on the tree and straight on the plane, fresh = flavour.

Large size and enough for 2 or 3, suitable for a dessert, or amazing fruit salad.

Variety: Kensingtion Pride

Portions: range of sizes available

Many of these are just ripe now, and simply sensational eating. Otherwise please let ripen until flesh is quite soft, similar to an avocado.  Skin colour is not the key indication of ripeness for these mangoes.


Farmers: Fruit Jungle Organics, Humpty Doo, Queensland

Australian Certified Organic: NASAA Certified No. 0030

Storage: keep well chilled in the fridge, they are arriving pretty ripe and straight from picking, when they turn a deep yellow/orange colour. Eat then within a few days.